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    version 22: awakening


    OCEANE -- Year 208


    "Because if she had not met him, she knew she would have been searching her whole life for the piece that he filled her heart with." -- Eva, written by Shelbi

    girl who talks to ghosts and walks in time

    Age: 57

    Gender: Mare

    Breed: Hybrid

    Height: 14.1 hh

    Player: Devin

    lineart by chronically here

    Color: Strawberry Roan (ee/aa/Rn)

    Eyes: Green/Hazelish

    Markings: None

    Mane & Tail: Reddish Chestnut


    Kellyn is a contradiction, and her personality depends on when you catch her. She is naturally curious and impetuous, and has always been protected by her abilities so she isn't afraid of much. She was raised to be friendly, outgoing, polite, and generally a good person but she has always been fascinated by her mother (Elite) and grandfather (Carnage) and so she is constantly toeing the line between mischievous and truly bad, wondering what it would be like to do whatever she wanted like Elite. She is mercurial and tries to act like she does care about anyone or anything except herself, though she sometimes weakens and proves to care about her family. The only reason she still has a conscious at all is because when she quested for Carnage to search for Gail, she met her aunt and uncle, who then followed her back into this life when she got mediumship and spend a lot of time trying to ensure she doesn't end up like Elite.


    Parents: Cagney x Elite


    > Cassady (x Carnage) - f; ghost shifting, undead appearance

    >> Puce (x Raelynx) - m; undead appearance

    >> Cyrus (x Korr) - m; wolf shifting, ghost whispering

    > Carwyn (x Sorenson) - f; wings, immortal, bone-bending

    >> Aeghir (x Ivar) - m

    >> Twyll (x Ivar) - m; wings, porpoise shifting

    > Cleary (x Kirin) - f; wings, temporal manipulation

    > Noah (x Rhonen) - f; wings, disease manipulation, flora revival*

    > Casimir (x Ivar) - m; temporal manipulation, scales, kelpie mimicry*

    > Cygnus (x Despair) - m; snake mimicry, water immunity, temporal rewind


    Genetic Traits: Temporal Manipulation

    Non-Genetic Traits: Mediumship (Quest, 5/15)

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg [TEMPORAL MANIPULATION][MEDIUMSHIP*][disintegration][wings]

    Defects: None


    Kellyn was conceived shortly before Elite created an epic war in the Valley. She would have died along with her mother, unborn, but Cagney saved Elite and sequestered her in a cave deep in the Tundra. Elite was unconscious, but nature took over, and the filly was born: healthy, if small. Cagney and her older brother Vader raised Kellyn, hidden away from the rest of the world in the caves.

    Kellyn grew braver as she grew up and her territory expanded to the entire Tundra. She spent most of her time with her grandfather Brennen, her father, and her brother. She lived an uneventful life, with only a short excursion to meet Zilpah and Kreios in the Deserts, until she was summoned to go on a Quest for her maternal grandfather, Carnage, where she earned the ability to speak to the dead.

    Kellyn had a difficult few years; first she discovered she was pregnant by Carnage from during the quest, and because of the space and time travel she had a complicated, multi-year pregnancy in which she lost all control of both of her traits. She made a brief attempt to be a mother but didn't do well, and dumped her first daughter mostly on Brennen in the Tundra. Then she got pregnant again while time-traveling in the past with her half-uncle Sorenson, because she didn't realize she could conceive in the past. She didn't make much of an attempt to raise the second daughter, leaving her with Brennen. She lived with them in the Tundra off and on until the Reckoning, when they got separated. Lost without her traits, she traded two years' loyalty to Pollock in Pangea for Harmonia to restore her powers.

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