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    version 22: awakening


    OCEANE -- Year 208


    "Because if she had not met him, she knew she would have been searching her whole life for the piece that he filled her heart with." -- Eva, written by Shelbi

    mother luna

    Age: 53

    Gender: Mare

    Breed: Warlander Hybrid

    Height: 16hh

    Player: Venge

    Nocturnal is a feminine replica of the Medieval Destrier-type horse, thanks to her more closely related Warlander and Friesian ancestors. Although not as large as some of her male counterparts (but still topping out at an even sixteen hands high), she is quite powerful, physically, and exceptionally athletic: An animal built specifically for war. Years of Arabic and various other influences in her blood have aided her stamina-wise, something the Destrier-type horse was said to lack. She has a dark, chocolate-colored mask that covers the majority of her face and equally dark, chocolate-colored points that come up all four of her legs to form a sharp inverted 'V', with light feathering around her hooves. The rest of her body blends into a pastel mocha color and her mane and tail, respectively, have a 'dirty silver' look with darker bronze-colored roots and streaks. There is a thick, semi-vertical scar on the right side of her face that she has had since childhood, it starts at her forehead and trails down, past her eye, curving towards the middle of her cheek at the end. The easiest description of her scar is that it resembles a scythe.

    Color: Silver Black Roan (EE/aa/nZ/Rr)

    Eyes: Golden

    Markings: Face mask, dark points

    Mane & Tail: Dirty-silver with dark bronze roots and streaks.


    Vain, bitchy, loves her family.


    Parents: Tatter x Fey

    Romek (x Krys, Silver Smoky Black [EE/aa/nCr/nZ], Warlander Hybrid, Sound Mimicry, Immortality, Tiger Shifting – Nov 4th 2013).
    Hallows (Merlyn x Crymsinal, Orange w/ Black Points, Hybrid, Immortality – Oct 31st 2013, Adopted).
    Gendry (x Quark, Blood Orange W/ Dark Red Points, Hybrid, Falcon-Shifting, Healing, Immortality, Pyrokinesis, *Jedi Mind Trick – December 3rd 2013.
    Drow (x Quark, Silver Black[Ee/aa/nZ], Hybrid, Immortality, Twin to Drom - March 4th 2014).
    Drom (x Quark, Black Splash Overo[Ee/aa/nSpl], Hybrid, Twin to Drow - March 4th 2014).
    Oxytocin (x Frigga, Smoky Black [Ee/aa/nCr] with white mane and tail, Hybrid, Immortality - May 3rd 2014).
    Opacity (x Kix, Silver Black Roan [EE/aa/nZ/Rr], Hybrid - June 3rd 2014).
    Tarnished (x Vanquish, Silver Black Roan [EE/aa/nZ/Rr], Percheron Hybrid, Equus Mutatio, Immortality, Virokinesis, Magic Immunity - July 3rd 2014).
    Noctem (x Quark, Silver Black Roan [Ee/aa/nZ/Rr], Hybrid, Twin to Strangelet, August 6th 2014).
    Reap (x Rodrik, Silver Bay Roan [Ee/Aa/nZ/Rr], Hybrid, Oneiromancy, Triplet to Witching & Gravely - March 3rd 2016).
    Taren (x Ashley, Black [Ee/aa] with yellow mane/tail and small yellow lighting bolt on forehead, Hybrid, Lightning Manipulation, Immortality - June 22nd, 2017).

    Xero (x Quark, Silver Black Tovero w/ Yellow Forelock, Hybrid - Feb 6th 2014).
    Frejya (x Kars, Silver Black (EE/aa/nZ) w/ Golden Sheen, Hybrid, *Dragon-Shifting – April 1st 2014).
    Morigan (x Torne, Leopard Appaloosa w/ Purple Spots, Hybrid - May 3rd 2014).
    Madelyn (x Emelia, Buckskin [Ee/Aa/nCr] w/ Purple Dorsal Stripe, Hybrid - May 3rd 2014).
    Circaea (x Evrae, Dark purple w/ Bioilluminiscent mane and tail, Hybrid, Boggart, Immortality, Twin Telepathy, Twin to Serenah - May 6th 2014).
    Serenah (x Evrae, Dark purple w/ Bioilluminiscent mane and tail, Hybrid, Boggart, Immortality, Twin Telepathy, Twin to Circaea - May 6th 2014).
    Daeryssa (x Quark, Light blue dun with violet dorsal stripe/mane/tail, Hybrid - May 10th 2014).
    Strangelet (x Quark, Black Splash [Ee/aa/nSpl] with a yellow crescent moon on her side, Hybrid, *Shaman, Twin to Noctem - August 6th 2014).
    Witching (x Rodrik, Silver Bay [Ee/Aa/nZ], Hybrid, Immortality, Triplet to Gravely & Reap - March 3rd 2016).
    Gravely (x Rodrik, Silver Bay [Ee/Aa/nZ], Hybrid, Immortality, Triplet to Witching & Reap - March 3rd 2016).


    Genetic Traits: Traits were wiped.

    Non-Genetic Traits:

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg [EQUUS MUTATIO][IMMORTALITY*][TELEPATHY*][wings][horn]



    Nocturnal was the second child of Tatter and Fey. She was born shortly after The Amazonian Incident, an event that was sparked by Fey and another mare's capture, imprisonment, and abuse at the hands of one of the Chamber's members – namely Azkaban. Azkaban was acting on the orders of then-Queen Frostreaver. Fey and her firstborn son, Incarceration (sired by Azkaban via rape), were eventually liberated from their prison by King Tatter. Grateful for what the Chamber King had done, Fey remained by his side. She played the role of Tatter's pet and constant companion, later bearing him two daughters. The first being Frostweaver, named after the former Queen, whom she was identical to (Tatter and Frostreaver were half-siblings and their relationship was widely known to be incestuous). Shortly after Nocturnal's birth, Fey was murdered by her eldest child, Incarceration. Nocturnal was witness to the murder and fled to The Playground. There, she met a boy by the name of Kars. Ever inquisitive, she asked him about his deformed wings and the tormented child responded by beating her nearly to death. It is Kars who was responsible for the scythe-shaped scar she would have for the rest of her life. Bloody and suffering from shock, Nocturnal managed to make it back to The Chamber with the aid of some concerned faeries. She was first discovered by Chang. Tatter himself arrived on the scene a short while later. From that point on, she remained in hiding for several months.

    Rendered mute by the attack and partially amnesiac, she avoided taking part in activities in the kingdom and did not show herself until a large kingdom meeting was called. This meeting would be most notable for it was when King Tatter caused much controversy by naming Khuma his new Queen (despite the return of Frostreaver). A mare by the mare of Espeia soon joined them, bringing with her the stories and ideas of the kingdoms of old. Nocturnal would be greatly inspired by this (so much so, that Espeia would remain her mentor and confidante until Nocturnal's eventual departure from The Chamber). She began recruiting at an early age; her very first recruit being a colt by the name of Kix, whom she managed to recruit despite being mute at the time. She snuck away from The Chamber most often while Tatter was away settling kingdom affairs. One day while she was out and about, Nocturnal chose to stop and play in the middle of the forest that bordered the east side of The Meadow. Distracted, she didn't notice Merlyn (a deranged, monster of a horse) coming up behind her. While his attack would prove to be very traumatizing and forever make her wary and distrustful of the opposite sex, it returned her memories and her voice.

    Little is known about how she survived the encounter.

    Two years later, while on a trip to The Field to teach socially-awkward Kix how to recruit, the two of them would be busy speaking wih a transgendered-colt by the name of Jasmin when Nocturnal would notice a pair of obnoxious crows circling above them. Annoyed, her body instinctively reacted and Nocturnal shifted into the form of a red-tailed hawk. She killed the crows, but her transformation would come at a terrible price. Realizing what had happened, she became afraid and immediately flew back to The Chamber. Tatter would be the first to come to her aid, quickly followed by Espeia and Frostweaver. Before she could explain what had happened, however, a monster of a storm began to brew above The Chamber. It became increasingly violent, even as she started to flee – The Chamber using its' magic to chase her out. She spent the next few weeks in The Meadow in near-isolation.

    Soon enough, she was approached by a childhood acquaintance of hers by the name of Quark. Quark, a member of The Amazons, was delighted when she realized Nocturnal was a fellow shapeshifter and recruited her on the spot. As time went on, Nocturnal and Quark's relationship blossomed – unfortunately, Nocturnal's relationship with The Jungle did not. It desperately sought to pull her in while she fought equally hard against its magic. The Amazons were an enemy of her father's and her loyalty to her family would always remain stronger than her ties to any of the kingdoms. She would also meet a stallion by the name of Vulgaris during this time, intrigued and enchanted by the mystery the snake-horse exuded, she would agree to start a herd with him while also waiting to decide on whether or not she wanted to be an Amazon.

    Several months later, while out in The Meadow, Nocturnal would come across a Chamberling by the name of Decora Malum. She approached her, intending to ask her news of The Chamber and her father; instead Decora Malum would respond viciously. She called Nocturnal a traitor to her kingdom and her family and attacked her. Nocturnal, angered by this, took the form of a bronze dragon and swallowed Decora Malum whole. Worried that her father would find out and be angry with her, she spent the next few weeks hiding out in the jungle – paranoid. It was due to this paranoia that she would end up killing another Chamberling. His name was Forrest, the son of the then-Amazonian Queen, whom he had been coming to visit. Nocturnal, realizing her mistake a little too late, decided to flee – but not before Quark would discover what she had done. Quark aided Nocturnal in concealing the body and it was during this act that the two of them would confess their love for one another. Nocturnal quickly vanished afterwords, leaving Quark alone.

    Their time apart, however, would be relatively short.

    A day later, Quark would go to The Meadow in search of Nocturnal. Caught off-guard, she was raped but ended up killing her attacker by sprouting sharp quills all over her body. Nocturnal, who was nearby, was alerted to the situation by Quark's screams. She found Quark frantically bucking, attempting to dislodge the corpse from her back. Enraged, Nocturnal ripped the dead stallion from her friend's back and tore his corpse to pieces. Wanting Quark to be safe, she took her back to Echo Trails – the herd she had started with Vulgaris – and after a small showdown with the scaly stallion, Vulgaris reluctantly agreed to let Quark stay with them.. Quark ultimately ended up refusing Nocturnal's offer to spend the night and returned to her Jungle. Nocturnal, hurt by the rejection, took to the skies in the form of a great, black dragon and went searching for a new kingdom to serve.

    She soon found what she was looking for in The Dewdrop Deserts.

    Upon arrival, Nocturnal was informed that the then-King of The Deserts (her cousin) was frequently absent and that the kingdom itself was dying under his rule. She immediately got off to a rough start with the locals, often by informing every diplomat that visited of King Roark's apparent absence. She eventually helped rebuild The Dewdrop Deserts from the ground up with the help of Krys (her aunt, however, Nocturnal was unaware of their relation at the time). Soon enough, with the stirrings of activity, Roark emerged from his hiding place as if nothing had happened. Still, there was unrest and murmurs of an uprising began until at last an official mutiny took place. By the dawn of the next day, Krys and Nocturnal had emerged from the mutiny victorious. In doing so, they had earned themselves the titles of 'Queen of the Dawn' and 'Queen of the Dusk' respectively.

    Krys's reign, unfortunately, would be a short one. She fell in love with a wandering stallion by the name of Ilean. Completely smitten, she was devastated when he eventually abandoned the kingdom. Nocturnal, seeking to appease her co-queen and to ultimately secure the stability of the kingdom, took the form of Ilean for one night and bedded Krys in the hopes that a child she thought was Ilean's would ease her suffering. Nocturnal was wrong. After Romek's birth, Krys would step down (taking the place of Lady) and allow Yael to replace her. She would disappear from the public's eye and go on to raise Romek alone. A year later, Nocturnal herself would insist on traveling alone to The Chamber to give birth to the son of Quark. It was her belief that children born in their mothers' native kingdoms would receive the blessing of all the past rulers of that kingdom. She was meant to return to The Meadow to meet up with Quark, but Nexa intercepted them. Wiping the Deserts' Queen's memory so that she believed she had given birth to a stillborn, Nexa kidnapped Gendry (Quark and Nocturnal's son) to raise him as her own and turned him against his parents. Nocturnal, dazed and confused, would return to The Deserts mumbling strange things about a dead child. Confronted by The Archer, Tatter and Quark, Nocturnal would transform into a black dragon to attack The Archer (a trap that had been set by Nexa in an attempt to assassinate the mage) under the belief that he had murdered her newborn son. After burning his body, he survived by temporarily transferring his soul to Nocturnal's body and was able to repair the memories Nexa had tampered with. In doing so, he also caused bits of his and Nocturnal's souls to merge – giving them pieces of one another's memories.

    Furious, Nocturnal vowed to wage war on The Valley – not knowing that Nexa had acted of her own accord. This coincided with Elite's crowning. Afraid of The Deserts' wrath, she gathered together thirty-three horses and sacrificed them to bring back her powerful father, Carnage. Proclaiming himself a god, he burned The Valley down and restored it to its' former image while also branding several members of The Valley with his mark. Of the many horses that were murdered, The Deserts' former Queen, Krys, was among them along with several other friends and relatives of various high-ranking members of other kingdoms. The Deserts then called together a council between all of the kingdoms (the only ones that did not have a representative present being The Gates and The Valley) and it was unanimously decided that they would march on The Valley.


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