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    Svedka -- Year 212


    “He only knows home in his dreams and even those dreams do not mimic large, centuries-old redwoods. Lio doesn't remember the last time he laid his head down and truly felt comfortable.” --Elio, written by Phaetra

    lover of chaos

    Age: 9

    Gender: Stallion

    Breed: Friesian Hybrid

    Height: 15.2hh

    Player: Kuna


    Color: Graying silver bay (Ee/Aa/ZZ/Gg)

    Eyes: Naturally blue

    Markings: Striped white on his back, neck, and left gaskin and various scars

    Mane & Tail: Silver



    Parents: Tyrael x Awa

    Roaver (x Alprazolam, male)
    Channary (x Noely, female)
        Kleio (x Flamevein, female)
    Rhae (x Dina, female)
        Zavage (x Zoryn, male)
    Adrie (x Majorie, female)
        Keilyn (x Atrox, female)
    Tinkle (x Casia, male)
        Seaglass (x Worn, female)
    Iko (x Katelynn, female)
    Brynhild (x Myrina, female)
    Fletchor (x Myrina, male)
        Minke (x Yoshi, female)
    Opiod (x Nocturnal, male)
    Tyl (x Astrah, male)
    Nyka (x Astrah, female)
    Sixpence (x Penny Pinch, male)
    Smear (x Defect, male)
    Malfunction (x Defect, male)
    Skid (x Defect, male)
    Wound (x Defect, female)
        Wishbone (x Warrick, female)
            Delphi (x Ivar, female, twin to Rivuline)
            Rivuline (x Ivar, female, twin to Delphi)
        Vadar (x Modicum Mortem, male)
    Uma (x Nizhoni, male)
    Sawflesh (x Shaleah, female)
        Equuleus (x Carnage, female)
            Krux (x Lupei, male)
        Smash (x Pazuzu, male)
            Bee (x Lilou, female)
        Teris (x Demian, male)
        Fleet (x Khaos, male)
        Kolt (x Tiberios, male)
        Fenris (x Flamevein, male)
    Idina (x Bother, female)
    Fleetwood (x Ila, female)
    Floki (x Zwander, male)
    Skyscream (x Cera, female)
    Pitch (x Maus, male)
    Aire (x Caelestra, female)
    Kiano (x Keifer, male)
        Onaik (x Kiefer, female)
    Lichen (x Fur, female)
    Meliora (x Anastazja, female)
    Vineyard (x Tarvelie, male)


    Genetic Traits: Sandstorm creation, immortality

    Non-Genetic Traits: Illusionism

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg [IMMORTALITY][SANDSTORM CREATION][ILLUSIONISM*][wings]

    Defects: Deaf in left ear, poor vision in left eye


    - 12/13: Born
    - 01/14: Traveled to the Valley and wowed Elite with his special worlds
    --- Murder pit happens in an effort to summon Carnage, which works. Carnage burns the Valley and while it's burning around them Lokii pokes at Carnage, who breaks both his front legs and reforms them awkwardly. Also gives him a "dark mark" which is found in the form of dark color in his right eye
    - 02/14: Lokii meets Myrina at the border and they duel with their tricks. Chemistry between them is obvious and they eventually have sex
    --- Lokii gets stolen to the Deserts, stays there until the war happens, where he follows the battalion to the Valley
    --- Finds Elite, tries to protect her, but then Morphine overthrows his magic and Elite runs away. At a similar time, Lokii is attacked by Peccatrice Dea who gets struck by Noct-lightening so Lokii turns toward Quantum and tortures him to death, the war ends when Elite disappears
    --- Lokii returns to the Deserts following the war
    - 03/14: Lyric comes to the Deserts to bring Lokii back to the Valley
    --- Lokii finds Nocturnal and brings her to the Valley, where he supposedly shows her "Quark" though it is really Kars. He makes several others look like Quark, producing a sudden increase in Nocturnal offspring
    - 04/14: Lokii leaves the Valley after trying to seek out more work from Kars and not getting any
    - 10/14: Lokii goes on a quest where he must fight his zombified self. He gets sandstorm creation and ends up with lightning strike markings on his body
    --- He returns to the Valley following the quest
    - 01/15: Lokii befriends Oxytocin and Flamevein while Oxy is the ruler of the Valley. They plan to fuck shit up, but never get around to it
    - 04/15: Lokii messes around too much and gets transported forward in time
    --- Camrynn becomes aware of Lokii messing with stuff and seeks him out, and enlists him into her league of evil
    - 09/15: After leaving BQ, Lokii returns from his absence and removes himself from the league of evil
    --- Begins training under Infection on different ways to murder and slowly begins to get super hecking good at it
    - 10/15: Begins disguising himself as a charming stallion named Kii to tempt mares in the Field and created a herd in Echo Trails
    --- Participates in a Halloween quest that leaves him with half a mask and a cape like from Phantom of the Opera for a quarter of the BQ year
    - 11/15: Lokii's practice in murdering with Infection pays off, when he brutally attacks an immortal mare (Kotaro) and takes a bite of her heart, transferring her immortality to himself and therefore killing her
    - 07/16: After disappearing for a long while, Lokii returns to Beqanna and meets a mare named Heartfire in the Meadow
    - 10/17: After disappearing yet again, Lokii returns to stir up more trouble
    --- Travels to Sylva and joins under Gryffen's leadership
    - 11/17: Meets Krone and kindasorta becomes her friend(?)
    --- Upon Gryffen's disappearance within Sylva, Lokii leaves and goes back into a quieter hiding place
    - 05/18: Comes back out of hiding to murder Khaeli and Alonwy, two princesses of Ischia

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