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    Firion -- Year 217


    "She approaches the cave and there is nothing but that anticipation and her ever-present fire inside her. No fear, no flickering echoes of love. It’s all been consumed for now. She is a wildfire contained only by the thin layer of her flesh." --Mazikeen, written by Squirt


    Age: Adult

    Gender: Mare

    Breed: Anglo-Arabian Hybrid

    Height: 14.3 hh

    Player: Jeje


    Color: Buckskin (Ee/AA/nCr) ((Ee/AA/nCr) )

    Eyes: Gold

    Markings: Faint jaguar dapples along her neck

    Mane & Tail: Passion flowers and vines entangled in her black mane and tail

    Note: Closeted for years and barely played so starting her off around the age of five.

    Smoky quartz unicorn horn and passion flowers and vines are woven into her mane and tail


    Personality Traits

    Knows how to get what she wants. Doesn't think in black and white but does think highly of herself and expects others to respect her. Despite her haughty attitude, she cares. A lot. Can be very flirtatious but is terrified of the concept of love. Despite her confidence and sometimes thrill seeking nature, she sometimes doubts her own self-worth despite her high self-esteem.


    Parents: Lion x Tantalize




    Genetic Traits: Unicorn Horn, Flowers

    Non-Genetic Traits:

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg [HORN][VINES][wings]



    Once Lion and Tantalize had been lovers. She had been their love child. Everything changed when they fell out and her father forced himself on her mother. The result was her sister Cersei, a war between the Dale and the Amazons, and Bardot was stuck in the middle of all of it.

    Strained relationship with her parents, she was the constant reminder of what had happened (but on a lesser scale then her sister). Learned to be self-sufficient at a very young age. Matured quickly.

    Acquired Flowers and Unicorn Horn from Anniversary Giveaway

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