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    version 22: awakening


    SOCHI -- Year 207


    "He will inevitably decide that it all fell apart because he had orchestrated it and he will carry the blame like a stone in his chest, too. He will add it to the pile and perhaps, someday when there are enough stones to weigh him down, he will walk into the sea and let them drown him" -- Kensley, written by Savage


    Age: 11

    Gender: Stallion

    Breed: Hybrid

    Height: 15.2hh

    Player: Taz


    Color: Buckskin (E_/A_/Crcr)

    Eyes: Brown

    Markings: 4 Black Stockings

    Mane & Tail: Black


    Information Via Jaya
    Cezary is the kid of possibly my favourite couple of all time. Aryeh was a creepy demon dude and Asun was a light-winged angelic thing. Very optimistic and the like. He has a lot of siblings, though I think he would only know of/be close to Megaera who is his full sister (played by Shelbi). He was raised by Asun, who likely would've been a very doting mother. Has a Spanish accent if you like - his grandmother, Charo, was full on Spaniard (was also a Queen for some time, an Amazon deserter, and overall a friendly, family-based lady). So he's been raised by a good, strong Spanish woman. Otherwise not really done much with him. He's the sort to start a herd and take hecka good care of his ladies/his friends. Has potential to maybe go a bit darker/harsher (probably vengeful?) if you like as his dad/grandad weren't the nicest ever.


    Parents: Aryeh x Asun

    Children: No Children

    Megaera [Aryeh x Asun]

    Maira [Aryeh x Darking]
    Seppia [Aryeh x Bell]
    Hiacinthe [Aryeh x Changeling]
    Napalm [Aryeh x Crimea]
    Visenya [Aryeh x Vice]
    Pallas [Aryeh x Darking]
    Mina [Aryeh x Darking]
    Daena [Aryeh x Darking]

    [Lion x Koolaide] x [Tyrael x Charo]


    Genetic Traits: Immortality, Wings, Skeleton-Shifting

    Non-Genetic Traits: None

    Trait Genetic Code:

    Defects: None


    Leader of Golden Plains (6/9/2015 - Date Lost)

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