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    Jamie -- Year 213


    “"I don’t know how to do this,” she says. What she actually means is I’m sorry, but she doesn’t know how to apologize either." --Titanya, written by Mirage


    Age: 4

    Gender: Stallion

    Breed: Hybrid

    Height: 15.2hh

    Player: Kuna


    Color: Seasonal tobiano (ee/Aa/nT)

    Eyes: Brown

    Markings: Tobiano markings and a broken stripe

    Mane & Tail: Color according to season and white

    Targaryen is a combination of agile and Baroque breeds, granting him a compact yet well-balanced look. He has strong legs and a short back, with strongly-muscled hindquarters. His profile is relatively straight-looking, aside from his muscle tones.

    Targaryen has cinnamon-brown eyes that are very expressive of his underlying emotions. A broken stripe falls down the middle of his face. His body has traditional tobiano markings, though the base color changes depending on the season. In the spring, Targaryen is a pale green color with white tobiano markings. In the summer, he is a dark green shade with the tobiano markings. In the fall, he is a deep chestnut color. Targaryen is a pale cream in the winter, where his tobiano markings are faintly seen in comparison to the pale base color.

    A pair of wings connect to Targaryen’s shoulders. The feathers are bi-colored — they alternate in a random pattern of white and the base color of the season. When the eclipse ended, the colored portions of his wings began to shimmer with captured sunlight.


    ZODIAC: Pisces.

    TRAIT SPACES: Uncontrollable seasonal color-changing (1) + Wings (1) + Glittering (0) = 2 trait spaces.


    Parents: Trekk x Noori



    Companion: Jedar - Golden eagle

    Genetic Traits: Uncontrollable seasonal color-changing, Wings, Glittering

    Non-Genetic Traits:

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg [UNCONTROLLABLE SEASONAL COLOR CHANGING][WINGS][GLITTERING][dragon vision][glowing horn]



    BQ YEAR 200 — JUL-AUG 2020
    Targaryen was born to Trekk and Noori. His father was absent in his childhood, and Noori was always found in a section of the Forest, rooted to the ground and world’s away in her mind. Though he has siblings, Targaryen never met any of them and he grew up independent as soon as he was weaned.

    BQ YEAR 212 — NOV-DEC 2020
    While grazing near the Forest one day, Targaryen realized he was being stalked. He fled the scene but forgot about a section of the Forest that ended in a cliff and dropped into the River. As he got clawed by the predator, he fell down the cliff and was knocked unconscious. Targaryen drifted down the River until he washed ashore, where a filly named Cheri found him. She unlocked her healing powers by healing him and restoring his leg back to normal. Targaryen felt like Cheri became a sister he never had, and they became quick friends. Later that same year, Targaryen was flying and attempted to land in the Meadow. He was clumsy and landed roughly. A golden eagle had begun to hang around with him, and Targaryen felt like the animal was a gift from his mother to watch over him. He didn’t care for the eagle but named it Jedar. A filly named Catryn heard Targaryen’s crash-landing. After getting to know each other, the boy realized that Catryn was blind. They talked about flying, as Catryn had a pair of sunlight wings, and Targaryen took her to a hill in the Meadow that overlooked a bend in the River to teach her how to fly.

    BQ YEAR 213 — JAN-FEB 2021
    After the eclipse happened, Targaryen wandered, feeling trapped to the ground because he was uncomfortable flying in the dark. Jedar stuck with him, and so did his fondness for Cheri. So the boy traveled to Taiga, where Cheri said she lived, and he found her in the darkness. Just as Cheri was walking to greet Targaryen, a monster attacked the girl. At the same time, some of Cheri’s family members — Reynard, Elegance, and Memorie — arrived to help Cheri when they heard her scream. Cheri was successfully saved from the monster, and Targaryen earned a small amount of approval and respect from Yanhua.

    During that year, Targaryen and Cheri grew closer together. The girl showed him her favorite parts of Taiga, and the tobiano grew more comfortable under the watchful eyes of the redwoods. Eventually, Targaryen began to see Taiga as a home, though Cheri’s presence certainly soothed him as well. However, one day the tobiano went for a walk and got lost in the dark. He went through a period of months where he could not find his way to Taiga and entered a twilight state of mind.

    BQ YEAR 214 — MAR-APR 2021
    When the eclipse finally ended and sunlight flooded Beqanna, Targaryen was able to gather his bearings. He immediately flew to Taiga, despite how atrophied his wings were, and tried to find Cheri to explain his disappearance.

    Not long after the sun’s return, Targaryen returned to the Meadow to look for Catryn. He had been thinking about the girl during the darkness, wondering if she had succeeded at life better than the rest of Beqanna.

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