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    Beyza -- Year 211


    "She kills him because no matter how far she has come from the bitter, angry young girl she had been, she is still Starsin, and if he wants to make her world burn, she will be certain that he burns with it." --Starsin, written by Colby

    The Gentle Prince

    Age: 2

    Gender: Colt

    Breed: Abstang/Friesian Hybrid

    Height: 15.2hh

    Player: Jassal


    Color: Bay and sapphire blue tobiano ()

    Eyes: Dark blue


    Mane & Tail: Sapphire Blue


    Crowns is always eager for new adventures and experiences, even the ones that tend to scare others. He has a deep affinity for darkness and tries to find the wonder in all aspects of his life. He's typically very cheerful and quick to laugh, but his perception of good and evil is a bit muddled. Instead, he views the world as either exciting or mundane.


    Parents: Varick x Sabbath

    Children: None


    Genetic Traits: Dragon Magic

    Non-Genetic Traits: Water Wings

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg [DRAGON MAGIC][WATER WINGS*][snake shifting][kelpie mimicry][frost scales][horn]

    Defects: None


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