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    Svedka -- Year 212


    “He only knows home in his dreams and even those dreams do not mimic large, centuries-old redwoods. Lio doesn't remember the last time he laid his head down and truly felt comfortable.” --Elio, written by Phaetra


    Age: 5

    Gender: Mare

    Breed: Lusitano

    Height: 14.3hh

    Player: Tweak


    Color: Dapple grey with Blue Mane and Tail ()

    Eyes: Blue


    Mane & Tail:




    Children: Memorie [x Yanhua]


    Genetic Traits: Flora Revival, Leaf Manipulation

    Non-Genetic Traits:




    despite the overwhelming odds, tomorrow came

    Before Borderline came to Beqanna, she lived with her mother and her herd. However, her mother blamed her for being the reason her mate (and Borderline’s father) leaving. In the herd, no one liked her because she was so emotional and clingy and needy and constantly made mistakes.
    Borderline first came to Beqanna in the winter of the year 210.
    Lilliana invited her to join Taiga | ****
    She fell in love with Yanhua in the spring of 211 | ****
    She first became pregnant in the fall of 211 | ****
    Then she found out about Yanhua falling in love with Amarine and she left Beqanna for a while.
    She gave birth to Memorie in a far away land.
    In the summer of 212, she returned to Taiga, Memorie in tow where she confronted Yanhua | ****
    Amarine brought her twins (by Yanhua) to meet Borderline, and they formed a kind of friendship while plotting to get revenge on Yanhua for not telling either of them about the other | ****
    She went to the Field and spoke with Ankou | ****
    Borderline ran into Lilliana on a beach in Taiga, where she had a good, hard look at her situation | ****
    Her and Yanhua made up | ****
    She ran into Leilan while healing the burn scar in Taiga | ****
    She freaked out when the world went dark and Yanhua was away with Amarine on their quest up the Mountain | ****


    Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Unsplash

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