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    Svedka -- Year 212


    “He only knows home in his dreams and even those dreams do not mimic large, centuries-old redwoods. Lio doesn't remember the last time he laid his head down and truly felt comfortable.” --Elio, written by Phaetra


    Age: 18

    Gender: Stallion

    Breed: arabian x warmblood mix

    Height: 16.3hh

    Player: Squirt


    Color: black w/ silver pangare ()

    Eyes: silver


    Mane & Tail: black, silver streak in forelock

    * resembles a seal bay, except the lighter part of his coat are silver and they glow at night
    * long, black mane and tail with a streak of silver in his forelock
    * horn is a little crooked and is tipped with silver
    * wings are black on the dorsal side and silver on the ventral


    kind -- hopeful -- calm

    Mesec has been through a lot in his life and is working on healing from his past traumas, but remains optimistic that there is a peaceful future in store for him


    d'Artagnan x The Moon Goddess (non BQ)

    * Vesper (non BQ), filly, twin to Virga
    * Virga (non BQ), colt, twin to Vesper
    * Neaera (non BQ), filly, twin to Savera
    * Savera (non BQ), filly, twin to Neaera


    Genetic Traits: horn, wings

    Non-Genetic Traits:

    Trait Genetic Code:




    * Mesec’s parents were the Moon Goddess and d’Artagnan in Helovia, making him a demigod
    * he was born in the ethereal world of his mother but brought to the mortal world to be raised by his father
    * his father, a unicorn who believed in the superiority of those with horns and without wings, was not kind to his new, winged son
    * after one of his half-siblings attempted to rip Mesec’s wings off to make him “pure”, Mesec ran away and was adopted by a kinder soul, Ophelia.
    * He grew up under her care and with his cousin, daughter of the God of Time, Roskuld
    * when he was a few years old, his ethereal mother claimed him and took him with her to train him in magic of shadows and moonlight


    *once back in the world, Mesec battled feelings of displacement - his mother running hot and cold with her affection, an uncaring father, scattered family.
    * murders began to happen across the land and the residents banded together to solve who was behind it - and in the end it was revealed that Mesec’s mother, The Goddess of the Moon, had possessed one of the Sun’s devoted followers to commit these murders. Discarding his relation to her and desperate to discover who he was, away from his family, Mesec joined the land ruled by the God of the Sun, a hot desert that was everything opposite of what he had known in life so far.
    * there he made friends and assimilated into the herd, finally beginning to feel more at home - even reconciling with some of his siblings and, eventually, his father.


    * in a twist of fate, a dark power took seed in Mesec that caused him to shift uncontrollably into a warg whenever his emotions were high - and in that form, he lost contact with his kind self and became completely feral. He retained no memory of what he had done while a warg when he eventually shifted back into a horse
    * Mesec began to distance himself from those he knew out of fear of hurting them
    * he met Ki’irha while sheltering from a snowstorm in a cave after one of these shifts, and the two took comfort in each other - and in the spring Mesec returned to his father’s homeland for the first time since he was a boy so he could meet his own children: twins Vesper and Virga
    * Mesec often visited the twins but was wary about living with them full time while he was cursed with the warg shifting, and continued to wander in search of a way to gain mastery over that side of him.
    * Eventually, Mesec shifted into a warg form and attacked one of his closest friends - a young boy nicknamed Zero. The two battled, Mesec to kill and Zero to fight for his life.
    * upon realizing what he had done once he was back in his horse-self, Mesec went to his mother and finally gained the ability to control his shifts.


    *The mother of his children went missing around this time, so he took the pair with him and they moved into the World’s Edge, the land under his mother’s care.
    * strange monsters began to threaten the peace that had settled into Mesec’s life - radioactive beasts that fed chaos and began to change the world.
    * In a moment of respite, Mesec was reunited with a childhood friend named Tandavi and sired two fillies by her - Neaera and Savera.
    * when the twins were very young, Helovia began to crumble and all of the residents were forced to flee through a portal into a strange, volatile, world. Mesec witnessed his mother die that day among with countless friends and members of his family as their home was destroyed.
    * in “The Rift” Mesec arrived with the scraps of his family, torn away from every thing they knew and cast into a world of perpetual night, with glowing eerie plants and poison seeming to drip from every surface.
    * Knowing this was not a place to make a home, Mesec travelled with his family to find a haven. There they lived and grew in relative peace, healing from the upheaval of their lives.
    * When all of his children had grown and begun to leave in search of lives to make for themselves, Mesec finally decided to leave that haven and do the same. He may not be a demigod any longer, but there were many years of his life left to live and he wanted to make them count. What that future might be, he doesn’t know.

    * and that’s how he found his way to Beqanna!


    * Meets Leilan and Malone in the field
    * thanks to some fairy dust, regains the ability to glow at night

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