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    Firion -- Year 217


    "She approaches the cave and there is nothing but that anticipation and her ever-present fire inside her. No fear, no flickering echoes of love. It’s all been consumed for now. She is a wildfire contained only by the thin layer of her flesh." --Mazikeen, written by Squirt


    Age: youngadult

    Gender: Stallion

    Breed: hybrid

    Height: 15.3hh

    Player: ratty


    Color: sooty silver buckskin (Ea/Aa/nCR/nZ)

    Eyes: blue-green

    Markings: iridescent gold dapples

    Mane & Tail: sooty cream

    Wherewolf is stocky and thick-necked with powerful legs and wings. He habitually carries his left wing tightly against his body when at rest and is extremely protective of it despite there being no obvious injury. It is fully functional and he is a strong but not a graceful flyer. He is a sooty silver buckskin with iridescent gold dappling. The dapples can vary in number depending on the season, being more obvious in his summer coat and less in winter. Wings are dark, slightly mottled brown. His blue-green eyes change color slightly with his mood - more blue when relaxed, more green when upset. No markings.




    Parents: Wolfbane x Neverwhere - Pedigree




    Genetic Traits: Self-Healing, Duplication, Invisibility, Wings

    Non-Genetic Traits:

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg



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