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    Aela -- Year 216


    "So she smiles prettily and steals away when she can. Feels the brutal pounding of others around her with a savagery that she has never comprehended—their emotions so vast, their hearts so wicked. It warps her more than she was already warped. It presses a thumbprint of cruelty into her darkness, shaping her into a thing of shadow, a thing of longing, a thing carved from the darkness between every breath." --Baptiste, written by Laura


    Age: 12

    Gender: Mare

    Breed: Arabian x Appaloosa

    Height: 15.3

    Player: Tangi


    Color: Peach Splash (ee/Aa/Dd/nSpl)

    Eyes: Purple


    Mane & Tail: Peach/White Mane & White Tail


    the Architect

    Independent & Decisive

    Creativity, logic, and confidence form individuals who stand on their own and take responsibility for their actions. Authority figures don’t impress Architects, and neither do social conventions. And no matter how popular something is, if they have a better idea, Architects stand against anyone they must to promote their plan. Either an idea is rational, or it’s wrong – and they’re happy to apply that standard to themselves.


    Architects have complete confidence in their thought processes because rational arguments are almost by definition correct – at least in theory. In practice, emotional considerations and history are hugely influential. A weak point for the Architect personality type is that they brand these factors and those who embrace them as illogical. They often dismiss them as those who think in an inferior way. This can make it all but impossible for others to be heard.


    Architects are open to new ideas as long as they’re argued well. People with this personality type are even (maybe especially) open to ideas that go against their own if the thinking is sound. They often apply their openness and independence when thinking about matters like alternative lifestyles. Mix this with their dislike for rules and traditions, and it’s easy to see how Architects might lean toward more tolerant social views.

    Overly Analytical

    A repeated theme when discussing the strengths of Architects is their analytical skills. But this strength can fail them when logic isn’t the most important factor. Relationships, in all their complexities, often resist neat explanations. Architects may be highly critical and sometimes reach a high level of picky thoroughness when dealing with others. At that point, many people – with the exception of extremely loyal and understanding friends – are likely to flee, sometimes not to be seen again.


    Parents: Stavros x Xanthippe




    Genetic Traits: Wings
    Spontaneous Shattering

    Non-Genetic Traits:

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg [WINGS][SPONTANEOUS SHATTERING]




    » Years 208 to 213

    Autumn of Year 208 brought Xi to Beqanna.

    She spent much of her time in solitude, keeping distance from the other residents of Beqanna as often as possible.

    » Year 214

    Xi resurfaced after years of hiding.

    » Year 215


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