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    Svedka -- Year 212


    “He only knows home in his dreams and even those dreams do not mimic large, centuries-old redwoods. Lio doesn't remember the last time he laid his head down and truly felt comfortable.” --Elio, written by Phaetra


    Age: 11

    Gender: Mare

    Breed: Hybrid

    Height: 16.2hh

    Player: Kuna


    Color: Turquoise tobiano (Ee/Aa/nT)

    Eyes: Amber

    Markings: Tobiano markings

    Mane & Tail: Long and tangled, with items of the ocean often trapped in them

    Rivuline’s body structure is deeply rooted in a heritage of Arabian and Mustang breeds. She is built with a slender physique, yet the coiled muscles of hardier ancestors are found just beneath her skin. A slim face blends well into an elegant neck, though her neck flows into a chest that speaks of stamina and hidden strength. She has long, elegant legs and stands tall at 16.2hh. Rivuline is painted a turquoise (#7bc4bd) that echos the beauty of the underwater world with white tobiano markings that are edged in a pale cyan (#ceebe8). Her mane and tail are long strands of turquoise (#7bc4bd), white, and soft blue (#408fa0). Their lengths are often waterlogged and entangled with an assortment of underwater paraphernalia.

    In the presence of water, a pair of fins that mimic those of a manta ray appear on Rivuline’s sides. Their colors flow with those of her tobiano markings and colors and their wide lengths are powerful enough to carry Rivuline through the water for hours on end. Meanwhile, whether wet or dry, a flexible, voluntarily-controlled dorsal fin lines her spine. It looks similar to one of a sailfish and its colors too meld seamlessly with those of her body.



    Parents: Ivar x Wishbone



    Genetic Traits:

    Non-Genetic Traits: Kelpie mimicry, Fins

    Trait Genetic Code: TEGteg [-KELPIE MIMICRY-][-FINS-][LIGHT BEAM EMISSION][shapeshifting][bone bending][immortality]



    Rivuline was born on an Ischian island alongside her twin sister, Delphi (Jan 2019). Her parents, Ivar and Wishbone, were not lovers but remained more along the lines of friends with benefits. Wishbone was a strong, independent Nerinian who did not want to be a part of Ivar’s harem and had never spent a long amount of time living with him. However, her pregnancy and the birth of the twins arrived around the same time as the Plague and Wishbone became sick. Her illness forced her to remain in Ischia with her daughters. Not long after the births of Rivuline and Delphi, Ivar drowned Wishbone during sex and ripped her throat out, keeping her skull as a memento.

    After the loss of her mother, the turquoise tobiano succumbed to her kelpie instincts and lived an underwater life for her first three years. The curious way the ocean floor curved toward the surface of the water pricked at Rivuline’s curiosity, and during one winter she found herself in the Meadow (Nov 2019). In the Meadow, Rivuline met two fillies: Celina and Catcher. After learning more about the Meadow, Rivuline followed Celina to her home in Taiga. Since then Rivuline has spent her time exploring Taiga’s shoreline and forests.

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