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    Firion -- Year 217


    "She approaches the cave and there is nothing but that anticipation and her ever-present fire inside her. No fear, no flickering echoes of love. It’s all been consumed for now. She is a wildfire contained only by the thin layer of her flesh." --Mazikeen, written by Squirt

    to the lonely sea and sky

    Age: Adult

    Gender: Mare

    Breed: Lipizzan

    Height: 16.3 Hands

    Player: Tangi


    Color: Opalescent Blue & Purple ()

    Eyes: Amber

    Markings: Striping on Neck

    Mane & Tail: Violet


    the one law: this sea will claim it all—
    feed them, catch them, grind their complicated bones.

    First and foremost, Oceane is an intellectual being. Her passion for knowledge, and for the collection of knowledge, is nearly unmatched.

    Because of this, the pegasi tends to be adventurous and bold with an affinity for putting herself in harm's way if it means that the ultimate outcome will be discovering the unknown or gaining information that had been previously unavailable to her.

    While she is quick-witted, Oceane often strategically chooses whether or not to acknowledge when others are addressing her with sarcasm and will sometimes pretend not to notice, especially if it's in her best interests to feign obliviousness.

    She is caring beneath the blanket of her determination, though she is not the greatest at outwardly expressing it. There is only one instance in whether Oceane would ever be an aggressor; she does not condone war or battle. Despite this, she does try her hardest to understand the motivators of war and will happily learn about wartime strategy if there is a necessity for such things.



    — Parents —
    Oceane refuses to reveal any additional information about her parents

    » Bahari
    ` father, Nau-Aib

    » Kukori
    ` mother, Nau-Aib


    — Children —
    Oceane refuses to reveal any additional information
    about her children in Nau-Aib

    » Colt
    ` deceased

    » Colt
    ` deceased
    — Children —

    » Alcinder
    ` born Spring 207 — january 2020
    ` son of Castile
    ` wings, zoolingualism, immortality

    » Altum
    ` born Spring 209 — may 2020
    ` son of Soran
    ` traitless



    Genetic Traits: Genie
    Ethereal Appearance

    Non-Genetic Traits: Zoolingualism




    the one law: this sea will claim it all—
    feed them, catch them, grind their complicated bones.

    Oceane's life in Nau-Aib and the events leading
    up to her arrival in Beqanna are unimportant.

    Year 205 // october 2019 - november 2019
    In the Summer, following a number of nomadic years, Oceane arrived in Beqanna.

    Summer turned to Autumn, and after spending a fair amount of time in the Field, Oceane finally moved away from the outskirts and into the action. She met Gale (Blue), Ruinam, and Castile before deciding to move to Loess (Current Ruler: Castile). Upon arrival in her new foothills home, the blue and purple pegasi met Isobell & Leilan. She became fast friends with Isobell but harbored a small amount of suspicion for Leilan, mostly on account of Castile's reaction towards him.

    In the Winter, with Isobell's accompaniment, Oceane decided to visit Gale (Blue) in Island Resort. Pleased that he seemed relaxed in his new home, the two women accepted a quick tour from the kind stallion before returning home. In the following weeks, Oceane met Oriash, a fellow resident of Loess, and then was able to find some alone time with King Castile, in which he jokingly granted her three wishes. She found herself enjoying the company of the Loessian King more than she had originally anticipated.

    Year 206 // november 2019 - january 2020
    During Spring of the new year, Oceane visited an isle north of Ischia (Current Ruler: Eva), where she crossed paths with a kelpie named Ivar, who hypnotized her into agreeing to escort him to see Isobell in Loess. Thankfully, Castile's presence acted as a safeguard for Oceane and Isobell when the husband and wife kelpie pair were finally reunited. Following the events in Loess, distance from Ivar gave Oceane an understanding of the effects his hypnosis had on her psyche. She visited the Forest for some alone time, where instead she spoke with Bean and Leilan.

    Life was uneventful until the Summer, when the opaline woman was called to the Mountain by a mysterious voice. Oceane helped bring Craft back to life and reunited her with her lover, Anatomy. After returning home, she grappled with the guilt of killing Garbage during the quest. Following the events on the Mountain, Oceane decided that learning battle strategy could be a good idea. She completed a mock battle with a new friend, Lilliana.

    Autumn marked the anniversary of her first year in Loess, and with the help of Castile, Oceane conceived her first Beqannan baby. Despite her hormonal changes, Oceane was still feeling adventurous and visited the Brilliant Pampas (Current Ruler: Noah) for the first time. She met Aodhan and Alija. After returning from the Pampas and realizing she was pregnant, Oceane took to the Field for some time to think. She decided to speak to Soran and Desire while she was there. The foothills of Loess always call her back, so Oceane did not remain in the Field for long. She was pleasantly surprised when Soran showed up a few weeks later. He was not the only visitor that Oceane spent time with, however, as Ilma came to Loess to discuss her idea for a third-party political mediator, before accidentally revealing to Oceane that her unborn baby would be a boy. Deciding to spend a bit of time away from Loess with her thoughts, the opaline woman ventured to the edge of Beqanna, where she met Kensley in the River.

    In the Winter, upon suffering from a bout of stir crazy wanderlust, Oceane decided to visit the River a second time, where she became fast friends with Aquaria. The two women discussed reuniting in the spring in Loess, where Aquaria could meet Oceane's new child, and then Oceane would accompany the nereid woman back to Ischia for a few days of relaxation. It was not long after her conversation with Aquaria that Oceane was finally able to meet Lepis in Loess. The former Queen showed Oceane a hidden canyon to the northern part of the territory where she could birth her foal, but the conversation was not all positive ─ Lepis unknowingly revealed the existence of Castile's consort, Sochi, and Oceane shared with Lepis the identity of her unborn son. While searching for Sochi, Oceane happened upon her friend Oriash again, who offered her companionship in her last few weeks of pregnancy.

    Year 207 // january 2020 - march 2020
    When Winter turned to Spring, Oceane found herself more and more ready to birth her son ─ to distract herself, the opaline pegasi greeted the current ruler of Tephra, Isilya, at Loess' border and offered her a tour of the foothills. A few weeks later, when Soran came to visit her again, the newly appointed Lady of Loess offered him a home, to which the scar-eyed stallion remained noncommittal. After learning about the existence of Castile's consort from Lepis during the winter, Oceane took to searching for the elusive Sochi, despite the fact that her adventuring would take her out of Loess so far into her pregnancy. She finds the other woman eventually, but during her attempt to tell the tiger-shifter about Castile's unborn child, Oceane goes into labor and gives birth beneath the willow in the Forest. Sochi leaves her there in solitude.

    The Summer gifted Oceane with a visit from her friends ─ Aquaria, Halcyon, and Cormorant came to see Loess for the first time at the turn of the season. The young children hit it off quite well, but Oceane was not afforded any time to revel in the glory of new motherhood ─ when they fell asleep after a day of playing, Alcinder was stolen by Ghaul of Pangea (Current Ruler: Anaxarete). In the weeks that followed, Oceane searched for her son with no success. She was, however, able to save Lepis when another Pangean, Draco, attempted to steal her in the middle of the night. Wrought with guilt that she was able to save the Loessian Cleric but not her son, Oceane sought comfort in Leilan's company when he came to visit her in the foothills. She took to the common lands in search for her son, and came across a young filly named Lovelusts frolicking in the Meadow; she had been unable to provide Oceane with any information on the missing Alcinder, but Oceane has remembered her innocent face nonetheless. After failing to track down any indication of her son, the Loessian woman returned home to greet the King of Icicle Isle, Jesper, who had been taken as a captive by Castile. His plan would reveal itself later, but Oceane was distracted in the meantime by her first look at Castile as a dragon. Fueled by the pain of Alcinder's absence, Oceane demanded that Castile murder those responsible for taking him.

    As Summer turned to Autumn, Oceane's heart nearly exploded with a combination of happiness and relief when Alcinder escaped his captivity and returned home to Loess with the help of Leilan. However, the relief was short-lived: when the Loessian Lady traveled to Pangea in search of answers, she, too, was taken captive by Draco.

    Year 208 // march 2020 - may 2020
    Oceane's Winter was uneventful. Still a captive in Pangea, the opaline woman did her best to remain well-behaved and hoped that her time would pass quickly. She responded when called to gather, but otherwise kept to herself for the duration of her captivity, though she privately hoped that she would hear word from Loess ─ especially following the news that Castile had razed one of Nerine's territories to the ground.

    Spring brought Lepis to her. Overjoyed by the visit from her friend, Oceane was surprised but pleased to hear that Castile had named Lepis Regent of Loess, and she tried not to hope too hard that the woman had come to Pangea to bring her home ─ she, of course, had not, but Oceane still used the meeting to tide her over until it was time to go home.

    Going again Lepis' orders, Castile stole Oceane back from Pangea in the Summer. They stopped in the Forest, just on the edge of Loess, where Castile told her that he would be not returning home. Upon her own return to Loess (Current Ruler: Lepis), Oceane found Lepis and discussed the future of their foothills home, and of Lepis and Oceane's roles in it.

    Soran, with assistance from Alcinder's Mind Control, had agreed to stay in Loess until Oceane returned; finally, in Autumn, they were reunited and Oceane soon began to expect her second Beqannan foal. Not long after, the opaline woman came across Leilan and Nashua in the Forest, where she agreed to go visit the ice-dragon the next season.

    Year 209 // may 2020 - july 2020
    At the turn of Winter, Oceane and Alcinder flew to Icicle Isle (Current Ruler: Leilan) to discuss the damage done by Castile. The pair came to the agreement that the Southern Kingdom would send one yearling or two-year-old to the Isle every Spring for them to be trained by Leilan and then returned to Loess at the end of their sessions. Oceane left Alcinder with him as a sign of good faith.

    Oceane gave birth to Altum in the Spring after she and Soran vowed to make their relationship work regardless of politics or the horrors of their past.

    Lepis caught Oceane off-guard in the Summer when she asked for the opaline woman to watch over her child, Kestrell, and to wear the crown of the South when the time came.

    Year 210 // july 2020 - september 2020
    Briefly, in the Spring of the new year, Oceane succumbed to a bout of wanderlust ─ she took to exploring the Forest, where she crossed paths with the xenomorph Fiorina, daughter of Nostromo. Oceane recognized her unique lineage, though was never quite sure if Fiorina recognized her name. Due to hers and Loess' history with the Pangean xenomorphs, Oceane was uncertain how the conversation would unfold, though it ended admittedly rather pleasant.

    Tragedy struck in Autumn. Lepis lost her life in pursuit of Wolfbane and Loess was burned. Oceane was left as the solitary ruler of the Southern Kingdom, and the weight of the crown following her best friend's death felt suffocating. She withdrew, and for a long while was unavailable to the Loessians who needed her guidance.

    Year 211 // september 2020 - november 2020
    Following Lepis' death and in the midst of Oceane's grieving, she ventured to the Field in the Winter following Loess' burning. It was there that she reunited with Leilan and met Finian, who ultimately decided to join the opaline woman in Loess and help her rebuild.

    At long last, Oceane was emotionally able to address the constituents of Loess in the Spring, finally introducing herself as Loess' only Queen. It was in that meeting that she wished Tarian good luck in his attempts at the Alliance and silently decided to offer him the responsibility of being Loess' Champion upon his return to the foothills, regardless of his success.

    After five years without seeing him, Gale came to visit Loess in the Autumn. Oceane was given the responsibility of informing him of his mother's death which reignited her own grief. After their meeting, Oceane traveled to Sylva (Current Ruler: Sabra) and Brilliant Pampas (Current Ruler: Noah) to introduce herself as Loess' Queen and share the information regarding Lepis' death.

    Year 212 // november 2020 - january 2021
    In the Winter of the new year, Pangea struck again and stole Tarian from Loess while Oceane was away visiting the Southern kingdoms and Ischia (Current Ruler: Aquaria). She sought out Finian upon her return to the foothills, hoping to gain fresh idea from a new mind.

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