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    Beyza -- Year 211


    "She kills him because no matter how far she has come from the bitter, angry young girl she had been, she is still Starsin, and if he wants to make her world burn, she will be certain that he burns with it." --Starsin, written by Colby


    Age: 6

    Gender: Stallion

    Breed: Hybrid

    Height: 16.2hh

    Player: Tangi


    Color: Orange & Black Tiger Striped (Cremello Dun with Blue Sheen)

    Eyes: Orange

    Markings: Tiger Stripes

    Mane & Tail: Black Mane & Tail

    ∙ Yearling

    ∙ Warmblood-type Build

    ∙ Though his natural color is a pale iridescent blue ─ more specifically, cremello dun with an iridescent blue sheen ─ with a black mane and tail, he is almost always in the shape of a Siberian Tiger.

    ∙ Occasionally Halcyon will appear more equine, but will usually retain the coloring of a Siberian Tiger (black, orange, and white), a tiger tail, and sharp teeth.



    » ISFJ (the Defender)
    Good Practical Skills – The best part is, Defenders have the practical sense to actually do something with all this altruism. If mundane, routine tasks are what need to be done, Defenders can see the beauty and harmony that they create, because they know that it helps them to care for their friends, family, and anyone else who needs it.

    Repress Their Feelings – People with the Defender personality type are private and very sensitive, internalizing their feelings a great deal. Much in the way that Defenders protect others’ feelings, they must protect their own, and this lack of healthy emotional expression can lead to a lot of stress and frustration.

    Reliable and Patient – Rather than offering sporadic, excited rushes that leave things half finished, Defenders are meticulous and careful, taking a steady approach and bending with the needs of the situation just enough to accomplish their end goals. Defenders not only ensure that things are done to the highest standard, but often go well beyond what is required.

    Reluctant to Change – These challenges can be particularly hard to address since Defender personalities value traditions and history highly in their decisions. A situation sometimes needs to reach a breaking point before Defenders are persuaded by circumstance, or the strong personality of a loved one, to alter course.


    Pteron x Reia (Biological ─ Unaware of Relation)
    Aquaria (Adoptive Dam)

    ♀ Adarra (Unaware of Relation)

    ♂ Cormorant (Pteron x Aquaria)
    ♀ Asena (Pteron x Aegean ─ Unaware of Relation)
    ♂ Aureus (Pteron x Aegean ─ Unaware of Relation)
    ♂ Torrent (Pteron x Aquaria)

    Adoptive Siblings:
    ♂ Marianas (Warbird x Aquaria)
    ♀ Kaimana (Warbird x Aquaria)



    Genetic Traits: Tiger Shifting, Invisibility, Happiness Induction

    Non-Genetic Traits:

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg [INVISIBILITY][HAPPINESS INDUCTION][TIGER SHIFTING][wings][self healing][dragon scales][empathic projection][regenerative healing]



    Year 206
    Born in the Spring to Pteron and Reia, in what could have been perceived as a moment of misfortune, Halcyon's powers of invisibility ensured that he would forever be the pair's missing twin. In fact, the newborn boy was not discovered until much later, when finally his invisibility had washed off in the shallows of Ischia to reveal a small tiger cub ─ and though the one to discover him was not his birth mother, Aquaria would soon become that figure for the tiger-shifter.

    Halcyon swiftly grew comfortable with his new Mama, and in the Autumn he was introduced to her winged friend, Pteron. Still unaware that the teal-and-white stallion was his father, Halcyon befriended the man and quickly took to calling him Uncle.

    Year 207
    After growing more adventurous in the Spring following his first birthday, Halcyon decided to venture away from his island home and to the Meadow, where he encountered Titanya ─ a fellow tiger-shifter. This is also the season that Halcyon had welcomed his little brother, Cormorant. Born from an egg, the boy was terrified of the finned creature at first but swiftly grew to enjoy his company. Though he is unaware that he and Cormorant share the same father, the half-brothers are swift to bond.

    In the Summer, when the young Cormorant was old enough to make a longer journey, Aquaria brought he and Halcyon to visit her friend, Oceane, in Loess (Current Ruler: Castile). They met the pegasi woman and her son, Alcinder, who was nearly the same age as Cormorant. The fun of the trip was spoiled, however, when Alcinder and Cormorant went missing sometime during the night. Halcyon remained with Aquaria in Loess, terrified for his brother and their new friend, until finally they escaped from Pangea and turned to Loess in the Autumn.

    Halcyon and his family remained in Loess for some time after this ordeal, as Mama's friend Oceane was then stolen away from the foothills kingdom. When finally they could delay their return home no longer, Halcyon detoured through the Forest and met two other feline-shifters, Beryl and Livinia. Upon return to Ischia, he was granted the gift of conversing with another tiger ─ Titanya had come to visit him.

    Year 208
    Winter of the new year did not bring about anything of particular import.

    However, in the Spring, Halcyon was able to secure some comforting alone time with his Mama, and shared his uncertainties about life with her. As mother's always do, Aquaria was able to soothe Halcyon's worries and he soon felt comfortable enough to travel beyond the confines of Ischia once more. He happened upon Jenger in the Meadow during a rather unrelenting thunderstorm.

    Autumn was relatively uneventful for the young boy, but he did take to regular patrols around the borders of Ischia ─ feeling that, as he neared three years of age, it was time for him to begin dedicating his time more actively to the kingdom. It was during one of these patrols that Halcyon met Aodhan for a brief conversation.

    Year 209
    Winter, at the start of the new year, made Halcyon more adventurous ─ he journeyed to the Forest, where he found Pteron and asked him to return to live in Loess to train him in battle.

    Pteron agreed, and in the Autumn arrived in Ischia ─ though the surprise was not received by his mother the way that Halcyon had originally anticipated.


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