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    Mazikeen -- Year 214


    "“Content to admire you from afar.” Well that’s just bullshit. She wasn’t *content* to be admired from afar. She would rather not see him at all then be tortured by a buffered distance." --Mazikeen, written by Squirt


    Age: 14

    Gender: Stallion

    Breed: Hybrid

    Height: 15hh

    Player: Kuna


    Color: Dunskin (Ee/Aa/nCr/Dd)

    Eyes: Cerulean blue

    Markings: Iridescent navy leg stripes, stockings, and cross-shaped dorsal stripe

    Mane & Tail: Black to white ombré

    Tiercel is built like an Anglo-Arabian, with long legs and a compact body. He has a wide chest and prominent withers. The majority of his body is a dun color, with iridescent navy stockings and stripes on his legs. He has an iridescent navy cross-shaped dorsal stripe and navy bald-face marking that almost reaches his cerulean blue eyes. Tiercel's mane and tail begin dark and then fade into white, with some strands highlighted in the navy of his markings.


    ZODIAC: Capricorn.

    TRAIT SPACES: Self-healing (2) + Invisible wings (1) + Empathic projection (2) + Glowing (0) = 5 trait spaces.


    Parents: Wolfbane x Lepis

    Children: Kamaria (x Islas, female)



    Genetic Traits: Self-healing, Invisible wings, Empathic projection, Glowing heart/blood

    Non-Genetic Traits:

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg [INVISIBLE WINGS][GLOWING][EMPHATIC PROJECTION][SELF-HEALING][wings][carnivore][love illusionism][wings][immortality][spinal mane]



    BQ YEAR 202 — MAR-APR 2019
    Tiercel was born to Wolfbane and Lepis in Loess, alongside his siblings Gale and Eyas. While Wolfbane and Lepis had many children blossom from their romance, Tiercel was the only one to be born wingless. He spent much of his childhood tolerating his triplet counterparts and feeling like the black sheep of his family. With his parents as strong political influencers in Beqanna, it wasn’t long before trouble arrived in Loess.

    BQ YEAR 203 — MAY-JUN 2019
    Just past his first birthday, a magician named Leliana created a magical maze of vines and thorns that ensnared Tiercel. As he was caught in the thorns and vines, Tiercel discovered both his self-healing and his empathetic projection. While Lepis and other various helpers attempted to rescue Tiercel, Wolfbane assisted in marching an army into Tephra. Little did anyone know, Gale had flown after his father and gotten caught up in the war at Tephra. Knocked off-balance by the fighting, Gale plummeted into the volcano’s mouth and burned. Tiercel was able to break free from the maze with the help of Lepis and company, but he suffers from survivor’s guilt after the presumed death of his triplet brother.

    As his whole family dealt with the death of Gale, Tiercel began to distance himself, learning how to use his invisibility to hide from his family. He started wandering further from Loess and met a mare named Islas in the Meadow, where he practiced his empathetic projection. When Wolfbane and Lepis took their family to Taiga, Tiercel officially broke ties with his family and became a nomad.

    BQ YEAR 212 — NOV-DEC 2020
    Tiercel spent several years alone in the forgotten corners of Beqanna. One day, he woke up to find himself in Tephra, a kingdom he had never visited before. He narrowly escaped a giant albino anaconda, which became a legendary animal in Tephra, and received a companion animal anaconda from the quest, which felt more like a dream than reality.

    Not long after this, Tiercel visited Loess for old time’s sake. There, he met the leader named Oceane, and learned that Lepis and Wolfbane had died not long ago. Oceane offered Tiercel a home in Loess, and he began to stay in the land. While in Loess, Tiercel came across Islas, his old friend from the Meadow. Where Tiercel is full of emotion, Islas lacks them, and this quickly brought the pair closer together. That fall, Islas became pregnant with their child.

    While Oceane had suggested Tiercel visit Islandres, she had not told him why. He hadn’t worked up the courage to visit the kingdom quite yet when he had been learning to swim in Tephra and a sudden thunderstorm came upon him. He was carried by the current to Islandres, where he hit his head and woke up the next day to reunite with his triplet siblings. Thinking Eyas was playing a trick on him when Gale showed up, Tiercel attacked his sister. Eyas defended herself by using her possession on Tiercel, then the siblings explained Gale’s self-healing. Eyas left quickly after that, threatening Tiercel as she went, and the two brothers spent time getting to know each other again.

    BQ YEAR 213 — JAN-FEB 2021
    While on a walk to think about Islas and his future child, the world became dark from the eclipse. Tiercel met a mare named Chasmata at the River, drawn by her soft glowing, and they discussed the darkness. A sudden wind blew across them and Tiercel gained invisible wings from the eclipse’s monsters, though he didn’t realize it at the time.

    With the darkness hiding the stars and the pregnancy, Islas became weary. They talked about how the stars have been gone since the eclipse, and Tiercel vowed to find the stars for Islas. While on a walk, Tiercel swam out to Ischia to explore. Once he reached the beach, Tiercel met the Dame of Ischia, Aquaria. The pair met and discussed the darkness, where Tiercel told her about the monsters on the mainland.

    Throughout the year, Tiercel explored various places in Beqanna to search for the stars. He went to the top of the volcano, explored Hyaline’s mountain range, and went to Nerine’s cliffs. When he couldn’t find the stars from high up, he began searching lower. Tiercel started by exploring Loess’s lakes. During all of these trips, Islas came with him.

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