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    Beyza -- Year 211


    "She kills him because no matter how far she has come from the bitter, angry young girl she had been, she is still Starsin, and if he wants to make her world burn, she will be certain that he burns with it." --Starsin, written by Colby

    the painter

    Age: 11

    Gender: Mare

    Breed: Hybrid

    Height: 15.3

    Player: Kyra


    Color: Buckskin frame overo (Ee/Aa/nCr/nO)

    Eyes: Blue

    Markings: Blue leopard markings in white areas

    Mane & Tail: Black

    Antlers Buckskin wings with white tip



    Parents: Kagerus x Solace

    Children: None


    Genetic Traits: Illusionism, Antlers, Wings, Obsidian Hooves

    Non-Genetic Traits: --

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg[ANTLERS][ILLUSIONISM][WINGS][OBSIDIAN HOOVES][color changing][nightmare induction]

    Defects: --


    Born March, 2019

    Oriash spent her first few months in her mothers care, but their time together was short lived. They spent it in solitude due to Solace’s failing health. Eventually, Kagerus put both of them into a dream coma, leaving Ori to fend for herself. This is not as terrible as it sounds, as they lived in the haven of Silver Cove. Dawn quickly found Ori and took care of her until she was stolen to Loess by Castile. Stolen is a strong word here – it was accurate mostly in principle but the word never felt right. Saved felt right.

    In her encounter with Castile, Ori learned that others could see the visions of her mother that plagued her. She had begun to suspect they were more than just visions, but did not know until then. She spent much of her next year learning her power, though it always seemed to control her as much as she controlled it. Her mothers, or their illusion anyway, were often by her side, though at least she knew just what they were then.

    When her captivity was up, Ori remained in Loess. Aegaen, one of her siblings, found her one day when her mothers happened to be by her side, and they discovered their blood relation when he stopped to ask why his mothers were there with her. During this time, she also met Pteron and began to test her powers on others, experimenting as he would let her.

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