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    Wolfbane -- Year 210


    "She presses into him greedily, hungrily, and demands more. She does not know how to be gentle when she is with him—does not know how to quell the aching in her belly, the neediness in her touch. She would devour him whole. She would sacrifice herself completely. She would give and give and give—" --Tabytha, written by Laura


    Age: 15

    Gender: Stallion

    Breed: Abstang Hybrid

    Height: smol

    Player: Devin

    Foal Ref


    Color: Gold Champagne Sabino (ee/Aa/nCh/nZ/nSb)

    Eyes: Green

    Markings: White face and legs, white sabino "band" across his barrel.

    Mane & Tail:



    Parents: Olivier x Dagny



    Genetic Traits: Gryphon Mimicry, Wings

    Non-Genetic Traits: None

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg [GRYPHON MIMICRY][WINGS][horn][immortality]

    Defects: None


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