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    version 22: awakening


    LILLIANA -- Year 206


    "There is still something of himself - something of the Wolfbane who would always love her - that rallies against the slime. It says, 'lie in the bed you’ve made'. So he gathers the covers and tucks himself in." -- Wolfbane, written by Calcifer

    Secrets are rocket fuel

    Age: 8

    Gender: Stallion

    Breed: Azteca

    Height: 14.2hh

    Player: Bruja

    Image and video hosting by TinyPicBig thank you to Calcifer for this amazing reference <3

    Color: Greying Bay (Ee, Aa, Gg, nSb)

    Eyes: Hazy Blue

    Markings: Sabino

    Mane & Tail: Black


    Desiring independence, Trusting, Sheltered, Quiet, Sweet- tempered Theme Song: Patience - KT Tunstall



    Children: Genetic blindness. 50% chance of passing on said blindness, and foals will carry a 25% chance of passing it on to their progeny regardless of displaying the defect.


    Genetic Traits: Orca Mimicry (sharp teeth, echolocation, prolonged breath holding)

    Non-Genetic Traits:

    Trait Genetic Code: TEGteg [-ORCA MIMICRY-]

    Defects: Partial Blindness (both eyes)


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