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    Reave -- Year 219


    "She did not wake up one day healed, she was simply moving and she realized that somewhere along the way grief had stopped stabbing her every motion. It’s a strange feeling. She is lighter and heavier at once. She doesn’t know what to do with the time that’s opened before her, what to do without wounds to claw open." --Cordis, written by Cassi

    Breed Info

    Below is a list of the current cross-breed names we're aware of and that will be used in the database from now on. It does not apply to every breed so don't try and do the same for Friesian Hybrid and Andalusian (Frielusian/Andasian/etc etc) as you would for Arabian Hybrid and Mustang (Abstang).

    We're using registered crossbreeds only, if you are aware of some not here then you're more than welcome to tell us on the Question and Suggestion board. If you have any questions or are confused, then feel free to ask and we'll do our best to explain.

    Arabian x Mustang = Abstang
    Arabian Hybrid x Mustang = Abstang Hybrid
    Arabian x Mustang Hybrid = Abstang Hybrid
    Arabian/Mustang x Hybrid = Abstang Hybrid
    Abstang Hybrid x Hybrid = Hybrid
    Abstang Hybrid x Arabian/Mustang = Abstang Hybrid
    Abstang Hybrid x Abstang Hybrid = Abstang Hybrid

    Arabian x Quarter Horse = Quarab
    Arabian Hybrid x Quarter Horse = Quarab Hybrid
    Arabian x Quarter Horse Hybrid = Quarab Hybrid
    Arabian/Quarter Horse x Hybrid = Quarab Hybrid
    Quarab Hybrid x Hybrid = Hybrid
    Quarab Hybrid x Arabian/Quarter Horse = Quarab Hybrid
    Quarab Hybrid x Quarab Hybrid = Quarab Hybrid

    Arabian x Paint = Pintabian
    Arabian Hybrid x Paint = Pintabian Hybrid
    Arabian x Paint Hybrid = Pintabian Hybrid
    Arabian/Paint x Hybrid = Pintabian Hybrid
    Pintiabian Hybrid x Hybrid = Hybrid
    Pintabian Hybrid x Arabian/Paint = Pintabian Hybrid
    Pintabian Hybrid x Pintabian Hybrid = Pintabian Hybrid

    Arabian x Morgan = Morab
    Arabian Hybrid x Morgan = Morab Hybrid
    Arabian x Morgan Hybrid = Morab Hybrid
    Arabian/Morgan x Hybrid = Morab Hybrid
    Morab Hybrid x Hybrid = Hybrid
    Morab Hybrid x Arabian/Morgan = Morab Hybrid
    Morab Hybrid x Morab Hybrid = Morab Hybrid

    Arabian x Appaloosa = Arappaloosa
    Arabian Hybrid x Appaloosa = Arappaloosa Hybrid
    Arabian x Appaloosa Hybrid = Arappaloosa Hybrid
    Arabian/Appaloosa x Hybrid = Arappaloosa Hybrid
    Arappaloosa Hybrid x Hybrid = Hybrid
    Arappaloosa Hybrid x Arabian/Appaloosa = Arappaloosa Hybrid
    Arappaloosa Hybrid x Arappaloosa Hybrid = Arappaloosa Hybrid

    Other acceptable crossbreeds (examples above apply):
    Arabian x Thoroughbred = Anglo-Arabian
    Quarter Horse x Thoroughbred = Appendix Quarter Horse
    Arabian x Welsh Pony = Welara
    Kabarda x Thoroughbred = Anglo-Kabarda
    Akhal Teke x Appaloosa = Nez Perce Horse (up-and-coming new breed)
    Appaloosa x Any Gaited Breed = Walkaloosa
    Appaloosa x Pinto = Pintaloosa
    Iberian Horse x Quarter Horse = Azteca
    Lusitano x Quarter Horse = Azteca
    Andalusian x Quarter Horse = Azteca
    Andalusian x Criollo = Azteca
    Andalusian x Friesian = Warlander
    Saddlebred x Friesian/Clydesdale/Shire/Percheron/Belgian/Irish Draught/Gyspy Vanner/Spotted Draft = Georgian Grande
    Friesian x Lipizzan = Haute Cheval
    Andalusian x Arabian = Hispano-Arabe
    Irish Draught x Thoroughbred = Irish Sport Horse
    Morgan x Friesian = Moriesian
    Arabian x Saddlebred = National Show Horse
    Andalusian x Percheron = Spanish-Norman Arabian x Thoroughbred x any Spanish breed (typically Andalusian or Lippizaner) = Très Sangrès

    Difference between "Paint" and "Pinto":
    Pinto - Tobiano/Overo/Tovero/etc of Any Breed
    Paint - Tobiano/Overo/Tovero/etc limited to Paint, Quarter Horse, and Thoroughbreds

    Skewbald - not a breed, also any color & white
    Piebald - not a breed, black & white

    Palomino/Buckskin/Cremello/etc - are recognized "color" breeds but are not acceptable breeds for the Members Database because they are not in fact, breeds at all.

    This has been written by Kristin to help you judge your horse's breed, and it also applies to those breeds not mentioned. If there are three or more breeds the horse will likely become a 'Hybrid', but it depends on the breeds involved.

    NEW PLAYERS/JOINING HORSES: When joining a new horse, if the breed is one of those mentioned above please try and follow the guidelines. If you do not understand it enough and don't want to make a mistake with the breeds, join the horse as you would and we will figure out what breed the horse will be. Check the database for when your horse is added and you will see what its breed will be called.