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The old that is strong does not wither - Aeolus - Aodhan - 11-06-2019

little fire
All that is gold does not glitter; not all who wander are lost
He feels slightly guilty for not being there for the boy before; for assuming that nothing had come off that coupling and that it was probably best to forget about the magical nereid mare. After all, he’d reasoned, she was so pretty she probably saw whomever pleased her at the moment.

Now he knew better, which was why he’d kept track on her a bit better, bene present that day. And as his son runs off there is a moment in which he believes it might all work out after all.

With a goodbye caress to Eva’s neck, he follows after the colt.

Aeolus had a good head start, but the spotted stallion knows how to make up - how to cheat, really. His form becomes leaner, smaller, his mane shrink to feline size as his head changes form. His colouration stays white and gold, but now the cheetah’s long legs and strong body easily overtake the colt in the sand.

With a playful growl he throws himself before the running sunset-and-gold yearling, fully intended to make him trip. Snapping once at the legs that come dangerously close, though never touching the boy, he then assumes a larger distance and his shining emerald eyes take in the kid with some pride as he takes a seat in the hot white sand, curling his long tail around his seated body with one graceful sweep as he blinks at him.

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RE: The old that is strong does not wither - Aeolus - Aeolus - 11-07-2019

Aeolus already having a good head start from his father, doesn’t turn to look back to see if the golden spotted stallion was nearing him. The yearling knew that if he turned his attention back, he might lose all focus on keeping the distance between them. Even if he knew how to navigate swiftly across the sand, he could still find himself right into the sand with face first.

Suddenly, he feels the sense of someone gaining on him. Aeolus glances to the side of him, quickly taking note of the gold and white cheetah. He instantly recognizes it is his father, but he is completely astonished by the form his father has taken. Aeolus has never seen that animal before!

With wonderment, the sunset colored colt loses his focus. As his gold and white father jumps into his pathway. Aeolus loses his balance instantly as his hooves scramble to find contact to the compacted sand. With hooves and limbs falling everywhere underneath him, Aeolus falls forward with his face first into the soft sand.

Lifting his head from the sand, he is covered in every inch of sand particles. Aeolus shakes his head sending sand flying in every direction. The boy spits out a bit of sand in his mouth. A wild grin grows across his lips as he looks to find Aodhan sitting peacefully in the white sand in front of him.

“Now that’s cheating!” He says as he pushes himself up from the ground. “How did you catch up to me so fast?!” He examines the cheetah form his father had shifted into. “I’ve never seen anyone run so fast like that!” If Aeolus could run that fast, it would be a miracle. No one would ever be able to catch up with him!


RE: The old that is strong does not wither - Aeolus - Aodhan - 11-08-2019

little fire
All that is gold does not glitter; not all who wander are lost
The large cat blinks fake innocence at the colt, a smile on his face as the boy looks him over with astonishment and a lingering hint of feeling that it is unfair. He purrs a little, then stands, stretches.

”I pick the form that suits me in the moment,” he answers. ”I’ve studied which ones were faster or stronger than any other horse.” The white and gold cat yawns and snaps his teeth as if that’s all the most normal thing to do in life.

It isn’t fair, he must admit. Or maybe it is, seeing that Beqanna’s magic is as fickle as the fairies wielding it. ”Some horses you meet will have other magic than you, some none at all. One isn’t better than another, although there are lots of horses claiming that it is so. But in the end, we can all live the way we are supposed to, if you let them.” He shakes his head. ”Your mom tells me you have some of it, too.” But she didn’t seem able to tell exactly what. Perhaps now was a good time to find out.


RE: The old that is strong does not wither - Aeolus - Aeolus - 11-09-2019

The sunset colt’s ears flicker forward. He listens eagerly to what his father tells him about being able to shift. Aeolus wonders what it would be like to have such abilities. To simply learn and shape your entire body into something completely new. “That sounds so cool!” He replies with excitement in every word that comes from him.

Aeolus watches Aodhan as he opens his and then closes it after yawning. His golden eyes widen with more fascination as he notices the sharp teeth. The boy didn’t want to mess with whatever animal his father had been studying. Those teeth could be the end of him quickly!

As Aodhan mentions magic, his ears flicker back and forth. He remembers his mother saying something similar before to him. However, the conversation had been more direct with his own magic. Aeolus feels his excitement fading when his father brings up his mother. The yearling remembers the looks his mother had given him. He could never forget them.

“Mom says I am not like her—a nereid.” His voice is soft as he recalls everything what his mother had told him. Aeolus knows he is a good swimmer and can freely breathe underwater without any trouble. A couple of his teeth have now turned sharp and sometimes he hungers for different things than the tropical fruits and greenery. He also discovered he could hide in the scene around him with ease. However, he has never known what he was except only once when he overheard what his mother had said. “I heard her one time say I am like you.” He considers for a moment, but he knows he doesn’t completely have the same abilities as his father. “Well, was, I guess. She said I was some sort of serpent maybe.” The boy shrugs his shoulders at that.


RE: The old that is strong does not wither - Aeolus - Aodhan - 11-10-2019

little fire
All that is gold does not glitter; not all who wander are lost
The white and gold cat listens as the boy tells him, almost disappointedly so, that he's not a nereid. Aodhán offers a low chuckle. "Don't worry about that. I tried copying them once, but I guess it's more or less a female thing. Never fully got the hang of it." The multi-shifter muses, thinking that perhaps his son felt like he didn't belong. Well, he could join the club. There were more non-nereids than there were nereids, after all.

But that wasn't quite enough to help the boy feel better about himself, he could tell. Aeolus hopefully continues saying that Eva had told him he had his abilities from his father - or partly, anyway. Or, was? At that, the white cheetah tilts his feline head, but then a realization hits him as he remembers the form he'd taken when he met Eva. Or, one of them really. Was it possible that that had made him sire a serpent? He wonders.

"There's only one way to find out." Studying the boy during his talking, the stallion had already noticed the boy's changing teeth. "Let's hunt for some some fish, and I'll show you what she meant. We'll figure it out between the two of us." And if it was something that had scared Eva, then possibly they simply wouldn't tell her until Aeolus was ready to face her reaction.

But first, the water - the large cat trots towards it, which must be somewhat unnatural for this species of cat if he truly was one - his form already changing a bit when his white and goldmarked skin gets covered in scales, and mane grow longer out of his neck. There he waits for the gold-marked appaloosa colt to join him, wondering if what he guessed at is true.

It would be an interesting discovery for the both of them.


RE: The old that is strong does not wither - Aeolus - Aeolus - 11-25-2019

we've been running away from space and time
if we don't fit in the grand design
A soft smile curls his purple lips at the comment his father makes about nereids. The colt had never met a male nereid before. Maybe it really was a female only thing then. It made him feel a little better at least.

His golden eyes light up quickly at his father’s words. “Really?” He says with excitement. Was he really going to find out more of who he was? Aeolus knew he had urges to try eating other things, but part of him had felt ashamed for even trying to eat something that was another animal. He didn’t want to become a monster his mother feared he might become, or at least the ones she had told him stories about that lived in the depths of the sea—like the krakens, sharks, and kelpies. Surely it was natural for him to want to eat fish like the other predators of the sea.

Is that what he was?

A predator?

Aeolus shakes the thought out of his head. His golden father already made it towards the open sea. The purple colt eagerly bounds forward towards where his father stands. He watches carefully as his father shifts parts of himself to have scales and a mane growing long out of his neck. Without hesitate, Aeolus steps into the water besides him and scales begin appearing from where the water touches his skin.

He was familiar with the way his scales appeared and aid him to become a better swimmer than those that could not—Loire definitely could never out swim him. Glancing away from his father, he looks out into the open sea with an anxious look appearing on his features. The colt had never allowed himself to go any further than this though. Aeolus had always fought the urge to shift completely out of fear he would scare his family and friends on the island.

“I’m scared, dad,” He whispers softly as he turns to look back to the gold and white stallion. “I’ve never done it before. Does it hurt?” Aeolus imagines all sorts of things can happen when he shifts. Most of all he thinks there will be pain.
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