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Opinion Poll - Neo - 09-14-2018

Of the car makes you have owned or own, which was your favorite?  Or which do you hope to own? (like realistically, not Ferrari lol)

We are going to look at a few different makes and models tomorrow, with emphasis on foreign makes(Toyota, Honda, etc).  I have only ever owned domestics(Chevy, Ford, Dodge).

No reasoning required but feel free to elaborate or recommend Smile

Edit: I do own a 1995 Chevy K1500 and SO has a 2006 Toyota Corolla, both with over 200,000 miles.  Looking for something mid-size sedan that fit kids easily in backseat but is good on gas... Thus leaning towards foreign makes lol

RE: Opinion Poll - insane - 09-14-2018

I have a Prius and I love love love it. Definitely my favorite car owned to date. I also have a Chevy Silverado that I've owned for like 8 years now and it's been fantastic and super reliable but I'm guessing you're not looking for a truck lol

RE: Opinion Poll - Nicole - 09-14-2018

I have only ever owned ford vehicles, love them all! Great and reliable vehicles

RE: Opinion Poll - Calcifer - 09-14-2018

Toyota (having sold cars for them myself) really does sell a nice car that's built to last. Plus, a lot of car dealerships are currently throwing in warranties of some sorts (Lifetime, etc.) with the purchase of both new and certified pre-owned. so I would ask about that! However, Toyota's only covered the powertrain components specifically (anything in the engine that gets touched by fluid) so details are important because not all warranties offered will be the same.

Other than that, I'm a Honda driver myself. Lived out of my civic through high school & college; currently in an '08 Acura and I seriously love it.

RE: Opinion Poll - Aeris - 09-14-2018

I owned a Toyota Camry for years and it was awesome - never had issues. It has over 220k miles on it and it still runs amazingly for my husband's special needs aunt.

Always loved Fords.

I now have a Chevy equinox and I freaking love it. Not a small car, but not a bus either. Better gas mileage than the camry

RE: Opinion Poll - devin - 09-14-2018

Not going to be helpful because the company is out of business but we’ve had several Saturn vue’s in the family and they were the bomb. My dream car is to replace my 1500 Silverado 07 with a new 2500 Silverado so also probably unhelpful. But overall if I didn’t need a truck for hauling, for passengers and stuff I’d really prefer a compact suv or hatchback to any sedan.

RE: Opinion Poll - kahzie - 09-14-2018

my whole family has toyotas and loves them. i've had an 08 camry since it was new and it runs great. once it dies (many years away still, i'm sure!) i plan on buying a larger used subaru - either a forester or an outback. they're fantastic and a great value.

RE: Opinion Poll - Neo - 09-15-2018

Welp, besides one rather pushy salesman, it was a productive day... Narrowed my search to 4 veichles, Toyota RAV4, Toyota Highlander, Subaru Outback or Subaru Forester.  Each have there pros and cons but I am definitely impressed by the Subaru in general!  Never would have thought that.

Thanks for all the input guys!!

RE: Opinion Poll - Vanilla Custard - 09-15-2018

(Haven’t read above comments)
This totally depends on if you want a city/grocery shopping car or a pickup/suv. Toyota is good at the latter, but maybe less good at the first, as far as I know (is just an example but I think ford too).

I/us Dutch/European people, rely mostly on German and Scandinavian makes. That includes Volkswagen, Opel (Vauxhall), Volvo, Tesla (jk that is super expensive), some Asian cars are also really good like Honda and Toyota (not a Prius fan tbh). I’d probably look at the engine make and model if I were you. General Motors owns a lot of those brands and they can be pretty similar sometimes. But then we mostly drive domestic cars and most of you would go for a pickup where you’re at, so I can’t really advise further than this. Good luck! In the end you just need to test drive a few to know!

RE: Opinion Poll - Neo - 09-25-2018

Updoot: Picking up my Toyota Highlander tomorrow!! Decided 3rd row optional seating is a must with two growing children and then we won't have to drive two vehicles if they want to have friends over... I may be an asshole parent but I am thoughtful XD